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All Islands Race

September 14, 2022

It’s always a bittersweet event for the crew of our Frers 33 racing sloop Valkyrie, the annual All Islands Race, last race of the season.

And to make matters worse, we had much too much light air. Nerve wracking, relentlessly looking for a little more wind. Even a LITTLE more please. Preferably our own private whisper of wind that we, and no one else, managed to find!

Happily, due in no small part to intense concentration, and stealthy, near motionless crew work (don’t rock the boat!) we were solidly in second place when the time limit expired and we were allowed to abandon the race and break out the cooler! Funny how the lightest air races are the biggest nail biters for our win obsessed crew!

Very different conditions from the Labor Day Regatta last week where the breeze was up over 30 mph and we slaughtered the competition.



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