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Limnal Lacrimosa

August 24, 2021

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Limnal Lacrimosa, Kalispell's new free public art installation. Rainwater falls melodiously into salt fired lachrymatory vessels inside the old Kalispell Malting and Brewing Company building. It's an amazing multi-sensory experience and I'm already looking forward to the next time!

You can schedule an appointment to visit the installation here. Enjoy!


"Limnal Lacrimosa celebrates the richness of the valley, from the glaciers and lakes to the cultural histories of art and ceramics. Sited in the original home of the Kalispell Malting and Brewing Company, it also celebrates the important legacies of breweries in Kalispell.

To build the exhibition, American artist Mary Mattingly has been collecting snow melt and rainwater, some that has dripped through holes in the building’s roof. Cycling water through tubing just below the ceiling, she can evoke the feeling of rain inside the building to create a meditative space. The drips are caught in lachrymatory vessels while the sounds of the droplets hitting the containers echo throughout the space. Eventually the vessels fill, water spills onto the floor and the cycle repeats itself."


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