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My Stomping Grounds

September 7, 2021

When I moved to Montana in 1968 I was excited to be moving close to The Big Mountain. I thought Montana was all about skiing! I had no idea how important Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake would become to my then young life. When I did “discover” Glacier, I immediately made the decision to hike every mile of every trail in the park. It remains a goal I have yet to accomplish even though I do, from time to time, after 54 years living in the shadow of the park, still make tracks on previously untravelled ground.

Last Saturday we took a drive on The Going To The Sun Road. It was like visiting life long friends as we passed familiar vistas and rivers and ridge tops that I know like the back of my hand. Here’s one many of you will recognize.

Wild Goose Island, St. Mary’s Lake

Thanks to my friend Steve Potter for the fly rod caught sockeye we dined on while enjoying this iconic view!



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