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Eddie at The Perception of Color

Eddie Magliaro was born and raised in New Jersey and earned his BFA at The Museum School of Fine Arts, Boston in 2008. Currently working and residing in Seattle, WA he is a dedicated professional glassblower, teacher and artist. Growing up on the cusp of such a huge metropolis city such as New York, Eddie’s work has a wide range of influences ranging from the heat of politics and war to the street art which fills the walls of the city. Since moving to Washington state, his sculpted glass works have become influenced by the surroundings here including fishing/climbing gear, logging trucks, rivers and mountains. Glass is a wildly unique medium to work with which brings upon challenges and rewards like no other material.

Perception of Color Poster copy.jpg

For myself Hot Glass is a magical material. It can be cast, turned, tooled, and blown. The intensive process of melting/cooking raw materials and gathering them on a steel pipe to create an object is very complex. I enjoy making a lot of sculptural objects but more so recently I have stepped back to creating “simpler” objects such as tableware and vases. These simpler objects demand the glass maker to be very precise and exact with their tools. My segmented vessels are an example of a classic precise glass technique called a Roman Ring. To create these interior rings the glass must be blown to the correct thickness, folded back into itself and blown at the right temperature to expand evenly. These challenging and beautifully unique techniques to glass is what I have found myself enjoying more about the material recently. Hot Glass is a medium that presents the artist with very unique rewards and challenges.

~Eddie Magliaro



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