September 15, 2020

In spite of it all we DID have a good summer. Lots of sailboat racing, albeit without the usual socializing after the races! And we enjoyed clear blue skies in Northwest Montana until this past weekend when the jet stream brought us smoke from the west.

Each summer the crew of Valkyrie, our 33 foot racing sloop, sets out to accomplish three things: win the Tuesday night Sail Montana Series, win The Montana Cup, and win The Labor Day Regatta. This year we came close. First in The Sail Montana Series, second in The Montana Cup, and first in The Labor Day Regatta. This was our second year in a row to narrowly miss accomplishing all three, after making it happen in 2018. We’ll be tougher in 2021!

We hope you found some ways to have fun this summer too!

"You've got to put on your sailin' shoes Put on your sailing shoes Everyone will start to cheer When you put on your sailin’ shoes" ~ Lowell George 

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September 8, 2020

Thanks to all the artists who are participating, and to all the folks who showed up for the opening of the first ever Montana Pastel Society Member’s Exhibit. It’s great to be building a community of talented artists and connecting to a world of art lovers!

I'm inspired by the outstanding pastel art on the walls of Montana Modern Fine Art. The work is on display through the end of September. Stop by. We’ll be smiling behind our masks!

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August 25, 2020

Well, I thought I had a finished painting when I posted last week! But as I was looking at the painting I imagined a grove of aspen in front of the structure. Honestly, it didn't take a lot of imagination since there actually IS a grove of aspen in front of the structure.

Marshall Noice | Siderius | Oil on Canvas | 48x60 | 10,300.

Years ago, when Terry Nelson and I worked together, our mantra was "Think It, Do It."  So when that thought crossed my mind, I was bound to paint that aspen grove!

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