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My friend, fellow band member (a very few of you may remember Tut and The Uncommons) and studio mate, Terry Nelson, painted nothing but realistic works of tangles in his garden toward the end of his life.

His work has inspired me to better depict the chaos and randomness that is nature! I think looser paint handling is one of the keys. That's what I'm working on. We'll see.


April 30, 2024

Sometimes, more often than I deserve actually, a painting almost paints itself. "Leaves Floating" is one of those.  It almost feels as if every brush stroke is preordained. I'd love to be able to call up all the disparate elements that occasionally align for that delightful experience to occur. But, sadly, it's an unpredictable and fleeting moment in my art-making life. I do know this, it never shows up on demand, and it only happens when I'm standing in front of a canvas with a wet brush in hand.

This is why the importance of a regular artistic practice cannot be overrated. It is essential. Go to work! You never know! 


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