April 13, 2021

Sometimes it pays to turn around and see where you’ve come from, literally and figuratively. I rarely struggle with finding inspiration for my paintings, it seems the ideas just keep coming.

Luckily for me, if I DO feel even slightly stuck, I take a walk. There’s no substitute for living in a beautiful part of the world for a landscape painter. Having said that, I imagine if I lived in downtown L.A. I’d be painting the urban landscape, which actually sounds equally interesting. I’m a life long fan of Richard Diebenkorn’s cityscapes.

As I was walking in Lone Pine State Park, which is literally out my back door, I turned around and was staring at my next painting. Here’s the sketch.

“I was looking back, to see if she was looking back, to see if I was looking back at her."

~John Mayall

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April 6, 2021

Just four more days to ride the lifts on Big Mountain in Whitefish! The end of ski season always makes me a little sad. Fortunately it is NOT nearly the end of ski season. Just the end of riding the ski lifts. Starting next week, we who are hopelessly addicted to sliding down a slippery slope will be plastering on the skins and walking up to the top. Great fun! Unfortunately one run a day is about all I’m good for. But I do, in fact, enjoy the climb up almost as much as the ski down.

Yours truly, all skinned up and ready to hike! I’ll send you a picture from the top!

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March 23, 2021

Although color is a language that speaks to each of us differently, viewers of Noice's works tend to experience similarly medicinal effects. "I think of being around Marshall's paintings as somewhat analogous to the Japanese concept of forest bathing: immersing oneself in the sights, sounds, and fragrances of the forest to foster optimal physical, emotional, and mental health," says Wolfgang Mabry, a consultant at Ventana Fine Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. "People want to feel the way Marshall's paintings make them feel - alive, colorful, free, and exactly where they want to be."

~ Excerpt from "An Infatuation with Color"

by Rose MeMaris

Big Sky Journal, Winter 2020

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