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March 15, 2024

I’m kind of amazed that I painted this! It is definitely outside my color comfort zone. Maybe I’m becoming hopelessly romantic in my old age. Or maybe having Miles Davis’ In A Silent Way on repeat made me do it. Yeah that’s it.

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One of the realities of a longstanding art practice is the development of a deep familiarity with material. Anyone who has been working for a considerable length of time will undoubtedly have found their "go to" colors. I certainly have.

With this pastel sketch "Kind of Blue" I deliberately grabbed a handful of pastels that I'd never used before! A foray outside my color comfort zone led to a very nice painting. If I do say so myself!

Let's keep in touch,

Marshall Noice

December 3, 2023

I do love big color! As is obvious I’m certain. But the sublime beauty of a recent moonset inspired these two uncharacteristically subtle paintings. This view to the west of Lone Pine Road is now entirely white. White sky and snow covered hills. Maybe I should try for even more subtlety. What do you think?

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