February 23, 2021

I’m enthralled with these mixed media pieces created by my daughter Sarsten. The kid has got it going on! They take me back to Dorr Bothwell’s book NOTAN. If you're fascinated by black and white and if you haven’t read it, do so!

Sometimes no color is the best choice. It has been a long time since I’ve worked in black and white. It once was my exclusive approach to depicting the landscape, back when I was exploring the world with a large format camera loaded with Kodak Tri X film! I’ll post some of those photos one of these days.

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To view more of Sarsten Noice's art visit montanamodernfineart.com/sarsten-noice-1

February 16, 2021

Time to say goodbye to the colors of 2020. Every year about this time I trash my well used palette and start with a fresh, unsullied piece of glass to mix my oil paints on. So here’s one last glimpse of the remnants of a year’s worth of painting!

Out with the old. In with the new!

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February 9, 2021

According to this 2000 Guide to Jackson Hole Art Galleries “Marshall Noice fuses the tradition of plein air with the freedom of abstraction.”

That’s as true today as it was 21 years ago!

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