"Inspiration is found in both the internal and external aspects of my world. The colors I chose, the shapes, and the marks that appear in a painting are chosen through my interpretation of dreams, emotions, and in response to the environment outside my studio - an improvisational journey- which informs the texture, light, and gesture of each piece.

I work mainly in oil and cold wax on panels, creating topographical, sculptural, and multilayered paintings. As an abstract artist, I translate my perceived reality into color and shape, creating a “topography of place” on my panels.

With oil and cold wax medium, I can create deep, rich layers of color, while adding transparent glazes to create a translucent quality. To enhance the topography and the mystery of a piece, I add objects or materials buried within the layers, such as handmade papers, coffee grounds, flower petals, paper wasp nests, and powdered pigments.A glimpse of these articles and earlier colors are seen as the paints are added and then reduced by “digging into” a painting’s history, as in an archeological record, or dissolving down to earlier layers.

My mission is to create a span that traverses both the internal and external landscape. I want people to see and feel the connectivity from the self, the inner landscape, to the earth, terra firma - the outer landscape through the visual conduit of color, shape, gesture, motion.

Art is a way to connect the sense of self and the environment we live in. I view my work as a journey. Having lived in different regions throughout time, the topography, people, flora, fauna and cultural aspects of “place” have added direction, depth and nuance into the stories they each hold, the stories that the viewer can integrate into their own internal landscape."

~ Rebecca Sobin


"Rebecca Sobin has reached deeply into memory, space, and time to create her collection. The vibrancy of her colors, her ability to capture the essence of her study and her multimedia presence makes her one to watch and collect."


~ Lavonne Jurack, Executive Director of Rural Artist of Montana



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