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January 27, 2023

There’s a major change on the horizon for Carly, Jackie and me. On the first of March we’ll pass the torch (and the keys to the building) to our friends, artist Tessa Heck and her husband, architect Zach George, who are leasing the space. On that date a new chapter in the story of 127 Main Street begins!

February is moving month. We’ll maintain normal business hours until February 7th. Stop in and see us.

My art practice will continue without interruption. I’m moving to a newly transformed studio space. I’ll still be happy to see you and will welcome studio visits. Give me a call.

Jackie and I will have a lot more free time for family and travel. Oh, and skiing, sailing and walking our French Bulldog, Judy, of course.

Stay tuned for more news, and be sure and stop by Montana Modern Fine Art and pick up that art piece you’ve been dreaming of!

Let's keep in touch,


January 18, 2023

Here’s a significantly abstracted iteration of a small pond just north of town. I certainly could have adhered more closely to the actual scene, but I believe this depiction allows the viewer to be more engaged with the painterly aspects of the piece. I’d like to think that the initial “conversation” with the painting be centered on things such as color, line and form, as opposed to things such as tree, sky and water.

Marshall Noice | Off Rose Crossing, Pond | Oil on Canvas | 20x20" | 2,500.

This smallish painting is destined for the walls of M.A. Doran Gallery in Tulsa.

Let's keep in touch,


January 10, 2023

I’ve been on a roll with pastels recently. I’ll be sending twenty or more small works to M.A. Doran Gallery in Tulsa for my upcoming show. I’m heading to the gallery for the reception on Thursday, February 9. Join us for the festivities.

Marshall Noice | On Birch Creek | Pastel on Paper | 17x13" framed size

We’ll be livin’ on Tulsa time. For a couple of days anyway!

Let's keep in touch,


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