February 2, 2021

I’m enthralled with this elegant new small work! I’m interested in the complexity of the layered imagery. The sophistication of the color composition and the mixed media process used by the artist are intriguing to me. And I love the nontraditional approach to realism (no huge surprise here.)

The work was done by one of my three extraordinarily talented daughters, Sarsten Noice!

See more of her work at montanamodernfineart.com

Let's keep in touch,

Marshall Noice

January 26, 2021

I’ve mentioned three touchstones for my work that I regularly look for when I’m bringing a painting to the finish line: Warm against cool, light against dark, thick against thin. For decades these have been essential aspects of my painting practice.

This recent painting is a great example of these considerations. Specifically, warm dark red against cool light gray green, warm orange against cool blue green, and warm light yellow against cool dark purple gray. To get an idea of the thick-thin considerations you’ll have to see the painting in person. A photograph can’t capture it adequately.

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January 12, 2021

A few weeks back I posted a very early version of this piece, and I have to tell you, I’m really going to miss having this painting in my studio to enjoy. But it's off to a new home in Arizona. And happily it’s going to be in very good hands!

Thompson's River View | Oil on Canvas | 40x60"

I will be sending the collectors our lawyers' standard visitation agreement. Just kidding. Let’s keep in touch, Marshall Noice

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