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Tools Of The Trade

April 2, 2024

From time to time I'm asked about my painting technique. I thought it might be easiest to post an illustration or two. Here's my palette, laid out from warm colors to cool colors. My brushes, I have some for warm colors and some for cool colors. My paints are laid out on a piece of glass which I replace about once a year. As you can see my brushes could not be less elegant. Though they are decidedly "unartsy" they make the kind of mark I like to make, which is very important to me!

My art practice priority is spending as much time painting and as little time cleaning up as possible. So, my palette is never cleaned, I just add more paint, and my brushes are simply wiped off (onto a fresh canvas!) and dropped into a can of thinner to use the next day. I'm happy to hear your comments and answer any questions you may have. Go to work. Have fun!



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