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Lucia - Azores

"My art is born from a deep connection with nature. The paintings are built upon layers of paint, structured from different levels of awareness.

Initial stratum capture experiences that are visually unexplainable: The temperature, the darkness, the taste of water, the force of ocean currents, the scent of a forest, the ocean breeze, the exciting feeling of an encounter (in Montana, with grizzly and black bears, in the Azores with sharks and rays...).
Imprinted on the surface of the painting is the vibration of the light: swirling underwater, shinning above the ocean, flickering on the tree leaves, illuminating the skin."

~ Lucia de Brito Franco


Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Lucia begins to paint during her teens. Learning oil painting and drawing with the painter Artur Ramos. Studies water colours in England. Studies oil painting and drawing at Ar.Co in Lisbon, and Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon.
Having a strong connection to the ocean, the mountains, the wild and human territories. Lucia paints from three very different locations: Lisbon, in continental Portugal, Faial island, in the Azores, in middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, and the Flathead Valley, by Glacier National Park, in Montana, USA.

Lucia has exhibited her work in solo and collective exhibitions through Portugal, the Azores, Switzerland and Montana. Has exhibited solo at the Ocean Museum in Cascais, Lisbon. Her work is part of several private art collections in Portugal, Europe, United Kingdom and USA. Is currently represented by Montana Modern Fine Art, in Kalispell.

Lucia in Lisbon
Lucia in Lisbon


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