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February 1, 2022

Sometimes I really enjoy simply throwing down some color and seeing where the painting leads me. This work, “Bright Morning Light” is one of those. The process is more akin to musical improvisation than deliberate depiction of subject matter. Pick a key signature and blow! Think scat! In this case, the key is definitely a minor pentatonic scale with a flat fifth. My improv, on this tune anyway, is more Bill Evans than Charlie Parker. Definitely not Archie Sheep! Have a listen.You’ll see what I mean.

I owe a thank you to my old man for playing all those Miles, Trane, Wes, and Ella records. And for keeping that subscription to DownBeat in force! I had an unusually jazz informed upbringing. Especially for a kid growing up just across the river from Fargo. Miss you Pop!

"Polka Dots And Moonbeams”

~ Bill Evans

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