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One for the Record

August 12, 2021

We had an exhilarating and, I’m happy to announce, victorious three days of sailing this past weekend.

Thirty three boats came to race in the 44th Annual Montana Cup Regatta on beautiful Flathead Lake. We had conditions that challenged even the most race hardened sailors. Gusts over 40 miles per hour, swells four feet in height, seemingly endless changes in wind direction, and cold rain that just would not quit, made for races that, truly, only the strong survived. I’m so proud to say my intrepid crew was equal to the daunting task! When all the fun ended on Sunday afternoon our boat Valkyrie was the winner! The victory made sweeter because of the boat handling and tactical challenges we'd faced.

Our Frers 33, Valkyrie, sailing in a rare moment of reasonable conditions

Here’s to all our competitors! Without you it would have just been another sailboat ride!

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