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Sam Walker

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"I have always had a passion for storybooks and illustration. I love how simple pictures and bright colors can spark memories from certain events or periods in our lives. I love to make paintings that tell a story or recall a memory but I think it's important to intentionally leave out some of the details so that the viewer can fill in the gaps themselves.  There are many metaphors and memories for me when I make a painting, but when someone else approaches it they may see something completely different, and the story that it brings to mind is one I couldn't have imagined."

Artist Bio:


Sam Walker grew up exploring his surroundings, most commonly in his home state of Utah. He was lucky to have friends who liked to discover new places, hike to the top of mountains, and swim in cold lakes. Through years of weekend adventures he found that those are the days he likes to recall the most.


Sam likes to combine his love of the outdoors with his talent for art. For the past few years he’s done this by painting people, often very tiny people, outside, engaged in the landscape around them. His distinctive style recalls the folk art of the past, while also landing firmly in modern times with its minimalistic nature. His art often uses bright colors inspired by the natural and unnatural things that exist in the spaces around us.

Sam enjoys exploring all types of art including painting, woodworking, drawing, and printmaking. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Art Education from Brigham Young University. He currently resides in Calgary, Canada with his wife and baby boy and their dog Juneau.


We don’t have any products to show here right now.


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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