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Pamela Beer
Oil Paint and Cold Wax
The Cradled Wooden Panel
Pamela Beer

“There is always hope, for when nothing else is left, we have that...”

~Pamela Beer

Pamela is a contemporary mixed-media artist. Her paintings are vivid, colorful, spacious, and often abstract.

She makes use of strong lights and darks with distinct forms that imply found strength and joy. Her work is complex, layered, and evokes a sense of love for the beautiful whether in relationships, grace, humans, or nature.

Her work begins with Asemic writing, forms, marks, colors, and employ both transparencies and opacities that ebb and flow onto the canvas allowing the viewer to connect with the abstraction of the work yet find something familiar.




Ms. Beer’s current collections are created using a blend of oil and cold wax medium applied to birchwood panels using a variety of squeegees and brayers. She uses mark making tools, texturing tools, and liquid agents to achieve depth and transparencies as well as some unique ethereal atmosphere in her works.

She has a Masters in psychology and a background in technology. Finding an end to traditonal corporate work, she left her career in 2013 to pursue a lifelong love of art and thus kindling her spirit through the creation of visual form.

In her pursuit of an art career she has spent over 10,000 hours learning her materials. In 2015, she studied materials and techniques from Art 2 Life Institute. Since then has taken a variety of workshops. In 2017 her work took a new turn with oil and cold wax medium obtained through instruction and workshops with the Cold Wax Academy (authors of the authoritarian Cold Wax Book).


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