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An Artist’s Life

June 9, 2020

It’s all part of living the dream!  Some days I paint.  Some days I build crates.

Back in 1977 I got a Skil Saw for Christmas from my folks.  That baby still comes in handy, even though the trigger on off switch hasn’t been functional for years.  I plug her in, she goes on, unplug her, she goes off.  The OSHA safety gods are frowning, I know.

These two plywood boxes hit the road today carrying 23 new oil paintings for my upcoming exhibition at Ventana Fine Art in Santa Fe. Mark your calendars for the virtual online opening on July 17th. Another aspect of our life in the times of the pandemic.

I’m enchanted by these new paintings! All false modesty aside, I'm certain this is the best work of my life! I’ll post pictures, we’ll see if you agree.



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