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Barn Dance

March 17, 2020

What is it about a barn that I find so appealing?  I’m happy to say our barn, which actually looks more like a huge garage, holds loads of good memories for me. Horses, cats, hay, kids, and music!

Barns are, of course, iconic. Especially in the West, where they seem to pop up in the middle of nowhere. Although you midwesterners and easterners certainly can lay claim to some fine examples!

Marshall Noice | Holt Stage Road (detail) | Oil on Canvas | 36x48

I guess when all is said and done I simply like to look at, draw, paint, and walk around barns once in a while.


"Well, I said, come along my baby, we got chicken in the barn. What barn? Whose barn? My barn."

~ Big Maybelle


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