Birches On The Stillwater

October 13, 2020

Unseasonably cold and rainy here in Montana. It's, well, gray! Lucky for me gray has, over the last year or so, gone from a fastidiously avoided color to one of my favorites. I'm often layering cool Payne's Gray or warm Portland Gray over an underpainting in warm reds, oranges, yellows and magentas. Some days I paint some days I scumble!  But rest assured I'll be making marks on canvas rain or shine.

Here's what's on my easel today.

Marshall Noice | Birches On The Stillwater | Oil on Canvas | 48x48"

"If the rain comes they run and hide their heads.

They might as well be dead.If the rain comes, if the rain comes." ~ Lennon and McCartney

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