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How High?

March 15, 2022

It’s not usual for my horizon to slide toward the bottom of a painting. But, from time to time, I’m inspired by how the SKY looks! Case in point, this view looking west from Eldorado, New Mexico. Not to say we don’t have gorgeous skies here in old Montana. But this particular sky stuck in my memory, and it’s been niggling (is that a word?) away at me ever since. More often than not the horizon floats up toward the very top of my painting. But here’s an example of an atypical approach to my usually "high in the frame" horizon line.

I fear this is becoming somewhat esoteric, isn’t it. Regardless, it’s a dang fine looking sky, don’t you think?

PS: If this painting strikes your fancy it just arrived at Lustre Gallery in Telluride.



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