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Juliane Ketcher
Juliane Ketcher
Pat and Juliane 10/5/2018
Dream (detail)

Juliane was born in Germany and spent her youth in South America collecting experiences that formed her creative eye. In 1970 she joined Pan American World Airways as a flight attendant and moved to the USA. Presently the artist resides in Lakeside, Montana and Indian Harbor Beach, FL. Extensive traveling throughout the world allowed her to study and savor a myriad of artist expressions and ethic forms. Ketcher’s art is a creative diary of past and present insights. 


She was introduced to fine art through a course at the University of Washington, Seattle. Juliane realized early on she wanted to specialize in mixed media. She studied with many nationally known artists, developing her techniques of self-expression. 


The artist has exhibited her work in regional and national shows, is a member of the Advisory Board of the School of Art at Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana and has professional affiliations with the National Association of Women Artists, New York, New York, the International Society of Experimental Artists, Sarasota, Florida, Surface Design, Alpine Weavers and Spinners Guild, Kalispell, Montana and Mountain Spinners and Weavers Guild, Prescott, Arizona. 


Her work is being shown at Montana Modern Fine Art, Kalispell, Montana. Her love for art is never-ending and the creative journey is one she cherishes most. 

Artist Statement


I have always been intrigued by fiber with its array of content, texture, and color. It provides infinite possibilities for form and shape in my art, and I am always surprised by the outcome.

Nature's tapestry is my muse - such an abundance of color, shape and design. I think of my current body of work as layered expressions that explore time's passage with insights from the past and present. I search for oneness with my art and myself and hope my pieces speak to the creative soul of the viewer.

Layered Expressions

Color, texture and abstract storytelling: Two local artists combine their artistic vision, providing us an opportunity to reconsider the scope of Montana art today.

Pat Lambrecht-Hould and Juliane Ketcher have transformed Montana Modern Fine Art gallery, in downtown Kalispell, into a visually immersive experience. Although they work in different mediums, their work comple- ments each other and shares a similar aesthetic. Richly layered, detailed, and sensitively executed, these artists share a love of process and passionate artistic experimentation.

Pat Lambrecht-Hould’s paintings combine fluid acrylics and collage elements, offering rich saturated color, overlapping and converging into fluid organic shapes. Layers of transparency intertwine with layers of opacity, creating intriguing textures and areas of pattern. Each piece provides an opportunity to go on a visual journey, exploring details that reveal themselves the longer you examine them.

Juliane Ketcher works in fiber, skillfully utilizing a variety of techniques. Her pod shaped sculptures incorporate weaving, felting, and yarn wrapped cords that provide a dense tactile surface. By incorporating found material and personal elements, each suspended sculpture conveys a personal story. Following the lines that weave throughout each piece, the artist reveals clues, inviting the viewer to participate in a course of discovery.

Drawing on a friendship of 30 years, these two artists have created an abstract visual dialog, inviting us to take part in the conversation. Walking through the gallery door, it’s easy to to become enveloped into their collaboration. The colorful, tactile and immersive environment provides us with an opportunity to reconsider what Montana art is today.

By Heidi Marie Faessel

(Heidi Marie Faessel is an artist and designer working and living in Whitefish, Montana. She is a passionate art lover and spends much of her time thinking about creativity and its importance in our human experience. Visit her website at

The Process
The Process
The Process


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