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a self portrait
A workshop with Juliane Ketcher

Hidden In Splendor.jpg

Life seems to get away from us and we forget to take a moment to unplug and reflect and to rediscover who we are.


My goal for this workshop is to facilitate the process to reconnect with your soul.

As a mixed media artist, exploring the many possibilities of fiber, I found that the act of weaving is very meditative and healing, giving permission for your mind to wonder and connect with your soul.


We will use a frame, old, new, that’s up to you, and repurpose it: it will be our loom. Imagine the open space of the frame as being the window to your soul.

Fibers of different color and texture and using different weaving techniques, you get to play allowing yourself to tell your story. Thus creating your self portrait.

As with all my creative journeys there is no right or wrong, follow your instinct, listen to your heart and let your story unfold.

~ Juliane Ketcher



All supplies will be provided by the artist except for the frame. 

To find the perfect frame is part of your story and you get to find it.

Suggested frame size: > 11” x < 24”

Examples: 11x14”     16x24”     24x12”     20x20”     22x18”     15x21”

The exact size and shape will be up to you.

Dates: Saturdays, September 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

Time: 12:00 - 4:00

Location: Montana Modern Fine Art

               127 Main Street

               Kalispell, MT 59901



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